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Published On: March 28, 2018 10:19 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

To bring the best in you

To bring the best in you

What is happening to these people?
What concerns are they holding?
Aren’t they satisfied with their business? 
Or are they just mocking?

I heard numerous things about you
Most people here make a stories that isn’t real of you
This makes me to think what is wrong with them in getting to know you.
You’re a free soul and you talk what’s right for you.

Why don’t they see joy in you? 
When you speak your enthusiasm
Why don’t they see; with firm eyes
When you talk combining your passion

You’re who you are
That makes the real you
Sometimes you laugh 
Sometimes you act
Sometimes you get crazy
Sometimes you get busy
But people here in the world doesn’t take you easy.

They don’t know what’s going on within you
They don’t know what’s happening with you.
They don’t know what’s concerning you
They don’t know what’s troubling you

I have observed you 
And you are just fine
People here just bring
The context out of mind

You are straightforward with your answers
You just go with the flow
Sometimes some concerns hit you badly and you just ignore
You give your best when you know the context
You just leave the place when it’s just out of unrest.

Sometimes people interpret differently
In getting impersonal to know you.
But that’s okay
To go through all these 
As I know that people here assemble thoughts in bringing the hard side of you.

I know how you feel
I understand how you project the reel
The cinema is just the pictures
But the scenario is beautiful with all the scriptures.

People just can’t judge you by knowing the outer shell
You are wonderful inside and out
With full of caramel
You seem hard to others
But you are soft
You seem different to others
But you are not

bring, best, you,

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