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Tips to make good impression at new job

Tips to make good impression at new job

First impression is important, so how can you improve your chances of making a great one when you’re starting a new job? Follow these tips to help you make a great impression and avoid the blunders typically associated with starting a new job.

Have a positive attitude

Nothing works better to improve people’s first impression of you more than having a positive attitude. Let your enthusiasm for being part of the team and the organization show through to everyone you interact with. Leave your personal problems at home and concentrate on radiating your excitement for this new opportunity.

Dress professionally

You should never underestimate the importance of dressing professionally. Studies show that people make a judgment about you within seven seconds of meeting you, and the way you dress can impact this impression significantly.

Show your team spirit

You are now part of a work team, and teams work together to solve problems and get the job done. Show loyalty to your co-workers by focusing more — initially, at least — on sharing recognition with the team. Always give credit where it is due in order to gain the trust of your coworkers.

Ask questions/ask for help

 No one expects you to know everything when you first start a new job so feel free to ask questions or ask for help when you need it. Remember that it’s better to ask for clarification before you’ve spent time completing a task the wrong way. Open communication with your supervisor is also equally important.

Take notes and go to orientation

Unless you have a photographic memory — and few of us do — take notes on all the systems and rules of your new organization. Attend orientation sessions and accept training programs that are offered. Nothing will get you up to speed at a new job faster.

Take initiative

In most situations, you will be given small doses of work at the beginning of a new job. Starting slowly allows you to get your feet wet without getting overwhelmed. As you finish assignments and are ready to handle a bigger workload, take the initiative and ask for more assignments.

Learn everything you can about your new employer

In theory, you should have already done your homework during the interviewing process, but there is always a lot more to learn once you’re on the inside. Get an employee handbook and study it. In addition, gather all those reports and company literature and read as much as you can to become an expert on your organization.

Arrive early and leave late

Remember, you can’t be a go-getter and clock-watcher at the same time so plan to be at work a little longer than your shift if need be. Routinely coming into work late or leaving early could eventually affect your reputation. Especially in these first days or weeks on the job, observe the flow of the office and other staffers.

Avoid office politics and gossip

The workplace can be full of rumors and gossip. Your mission should be to stay above the fray. Take care not to associate with office gossips and don’t get involved in trash talk or politics, especially during your initial days.

Keep personal business on company time to a minimum

Everyone conducts some amount of personal business on company time -- checking email, making dinner reservations, buying stuff online. Your goal is to keep your personal business to a minimum and stay focused on work. If you need to make a personal call, step away from your desk.

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