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Tips to care for wooden furniture and decor during the monsoon

Tips to care for wooden furniture and decor during the monsoon

For so many reasons, the monsoons are lovely and welcome. But they can also be a touch troublesome in some ways. For instance, wooden furniture and fittings take a beating during the monsoons. They can get badly damaged and look unsightly if you don’t care for them. Wooden furniture and fittings take a beating during the monsoons. Follow these simple tips and ensure that your furniture and fittings stay in good shape during the rainy season.

1. Put a little distance

Walls tend to get damp during the monsoon and might transfer this moisture to the surface of the furniture. Avoid this by moving your sofas, wardrobes, cupboards, and the like about six inches away from the wall. This will reduce the amount of moisture it attracts, keep the wood dry, and not infringe much on your interior décor.

2. Ventilation is key

Focus on ensuring your interiors are well ventilated. This will allow the flow of air, reduce the amount of humidity that collects on the furniture and other things, and keep things dry.

3. Mind the edges

The edges and cross-sections in wooden furniture and fittings attract moisture, mold and humidity. It is good idea, therefore, to coat and seal them with lacquer, sealants or any other protective coatings. This will ensure that moisture doesn’t settle and cause it to mold.

4. Dry clean

Generally, we tend to use a damp piece of cloth to clean things. During the monsoon season, this is not advisable. It only adds to the humidity and hurts wooden furniture. During this season more than any other, use a dry and clean cloth to wipe down your wooden things.

5. Oiled and waxed for good

The humidity during the monsoons makes wood swell on account of absorption. This is what causes drawers and doors to get stuck while opening or closing them. It is damaging. Avoid this and keep things fresh by oiling or waxing the furniture. Go for spray on solutions. They are convenient and very effective.

 6. Maintenance instead of renovation

During this season, it’s a bad idea to renovate things. Carpentry, painting, and building are most effective when there is no moisture in the air. The monsoons are a time for smart, simple, and effective maintenance measures.

7. Try these absorbents

Camphor or naphthalene balls are timeless solutions for keeping things dry. Use them generously. They will keep your wardrobes and shelves pest-free. Neem leaves and cloves are natural remedies that offer the same solution.



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