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Published On: September 24, 2017 08:54 AM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

Time and Dedication: Vital for a Child's upbringing

Time and Dedication:
Vital for a Child's upbringing

It is so strange how the entire generation is associated with so many people whom they have never met nor heard. The bond and link of the newer lot is automatically less with the older age bracket as the family expands. 

The newer ones can relate to their immediate family members. Majority, it happens that the older ones are familiar with the family structure of far off relatives and still have that soft corner for all of them. This is because they have lived with one of the members and the second generation of that family gets related too. It all depends on the time spent with the other person, that is when the attachment increases. Celebration on special occasion gets cousins and families together with unlimited fun and enjoyment. 

Birthdays are the most special day for each one of us, be it a kid turning a year old, or the girl celebrating her touchdown on teens, it is all about having a great time with wishes from all around the world and marking another year of life.

Some individuals are not fond of the dates and the day of their birth would be normal as the other dates. There are the others who would go crazy before a month planning on what can be done and how should the day go by. The preparation for the party begins way ahead as they are the perfect hosts with everything just in place. Some wait for the others to make their day special and would wait for surprises. 

What amuses me most is how girls get excited for birthdays when men just don’t care. And why would the first birthday of a child be celebrated on a grand level when they have no idea about what’s happening. Instead wouldn’t it be better, if the same budget for celebration would be allotted ten years later, when the kid understands what is happening.

The child would love to keep the memories of his celebration, instead of a party being hosted on his name where he can’t relate to. What I have observed is the younger one is traumatized seeing so many people, that the situation is nothing but trouble. The junior kids who come for the celebration are accompanied with their parents and maids. 

The upbringing of a child has become way different from what it was before. The parents have become busier in their working schedules that the kid is hardly raised by them. We all believe that there is a major difference when the kid is brought up by family members with twice the concern and care. 

The connection and bond between parents and kids is lost when lesser time is given to the kids. The parenthood is a critical phase that needs a balance and one needs to be ready for taking up responsibilities. As there are two sides of every coin, with the independent and professional lives of parents, they are missing out on the childhood days of their little ones if they as they can’t be around for many major occasions. 


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