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Published On: August 21, 2017 10:10 AM NPT By: Republica

Three Ways Augmented Reality Can Change Your Event

Three Ways Augmented Reality Can Change Your Event

Augmented reality, the sibling of VR, is also one of the most sought-after technologies among businesses. It is one of the most user-friendly types of technology due to its practicability.

Whether it’s a trade show or a conference, using augmented reality at your next event could be the most effective way to present your idea to your entire audience.

AR is well known for providing a number of solutions and enhancements in many fields and positions such as social media, digital marketing, and others among them.  

Augmented reality can be used in just about any industry and will help make your event memorable. If VR has the potential to renovate the events industry, AR has the potential to change the shape of commerce thoroughly.

AR offers a variety of opportunities for brands and planners at events ranging from entertainment and client engagement to educating attendees about the company and its products and services. Here are 3 types of Augmented Reality alternatives to using your next event.  

Wearable AR
Unlike virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift where the user becomes immersed in an entirely different world, AR headsets still allow users to see the real world but with computer generated elements.

An example of this is Microsoft’s Hololens, which is the best augmented reality headset to date. Wearable AR has many benefits as it creates a hands-free experience, allowing users to move around and interact with the virtual elements in the real world freely. This is great for product demonstrations at trade shows as it provides a seamless experience of the virtual world seeping into reality.

The only drawback at this time is the cost to implement, AR headsets are expensive, but hopefully with many companies creating the technology, it will become a more affordable solution to enhance your next event.

Mirror-based AR
This type of Augmented reality is interesting as mirror based AR allows virtual elements to be placed on the reflection of user which is specifically beneficial for fashion and beauty events. Attendees would be able to see the newly designed clothing on them without even changing into them!

They can even see what the newest hairstyles and beauty trends would look without actually applying them. This will spark interest to your booth/event. It provides an immersive experience for attendees and would definitely put an impression on them.

Device-based AR
Nowadays, everyone is carrying some sort of smart device, whether it be a tablet or smartphone. This form of AR has been around for a while but it’s the best bet of implementing it at your next event. Device-based AR allows users smart devices as a window into an augmented reality by using the camera as a viewfinder.

Furthermore, this type of AR is already well-known with the introduction of Snapchat and their “smart filters”. This form of AR can easily be incorporated into an event app that activates when attendees travel around a booth or it can be installed in pre-configured devices and provide an enriched experience. This is beneficial when educating attendees about the brand and its products in an interactive way.

In conclusion, Augmented Reality is the all in one tool that could make your event a hit. It is easy to personalize, its versatility is unmatched, and is intuitive and easy to use. AR is being revamped as a technology that seamlessly integrates the digital world with the real one.

Moreover, with more tools and resources being created this technology truly has the potential to set the standard in event planning and could be what you are missing to take your event to the next level.


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