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Published On: December 19, 2017 09:50 AM NPT By: Kriesha Pradhan

Those Stereotypes

Those Stereotypes

To all those stereotypes
 Are your eyes that small?
Your mind that narrow?

And your thinking that confined?
Pink and daisies equals a girl,
While Blue and truck a guy?
Marriage is defined by caste,
And personality by face?
Intelligence by grades,
Harassments by bruises,
Future by wealth,
And present by past?
A man must work 
Women must cook.
Rape is a matter of hush-hush
And short skirts and tank tops are forbidden 
Because they apparently show 
Too much of the skin you’ve never seen 
It is a sin to be menstruating?
And so is it to differ from the ideal body type?
Gay marriage is unacceptable,
And LGBT is illegal?

Why, I ask?                                                                                          
You tell me that it’s to maintain the society’s prestige 
I’m looking all around
And the only dent I find in our society is you.
Yes, you and all your unnecessary voices.
Freedom of speech is for justice and expression                                                                
Not your free declaration about a stranger’s life.                                                               
Wake up; you’re not in nineteen eighty Four                                                               
Let me give you an advice
Grow your mind and soul
So when something bothers you 
A successful woman or two,
A guy dressed in pink and a girl in blue,
Roll your eyes, role them on
Perhaps it’ll get stuck
And you can see the world with a better view.


those, stereotypes,

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