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Published On: December 19, 2018 12:12 PM NPT By: Nirajan Rijal

Those 20 minutes

Those 20 minutes

It was a rainy day and I was waiting for a bus at the station. All of a sudden, drops of rain started falling on the ground. The sound those drops made were constantly striking my eardrums. Kids were running to go to school with their raincoats on. Dapper men were rushing towards a building with their umbrellas. At one corner of the station, there was a girl with a blue umbrella. The umbrella covered her face. She stretched her hands and fingers to touch the raindrops. She wanted to feel the cool raindrops. I noticed her expressions then. Happiness!!!  She was really contented. I could not take my eyes off her. “Oh! Does God really want us to meet?” These words rushed through my mind. A strong wind blew across the bus stop. Her umbrella flew off her hands. It was flying towards me. I ran and caught her umbrella. I was bending down to hold it; I smiled as I could see her approaching towards me. Of course! I was excited and nervous. I got up hoping to see that beautiful face. The beautiful face looked way more beautiful when it had a smile on it. She thanked me. I was mesmerized with what was going on and wanted it to last forever.

The bus arrived. Luckily, both of us boarded the same bus. She signaled me to go to the next seat. Then she sat near me. The journey began. After a while, she looked at me and said: “I love this music”. I said, “There is no music playing around.” She looked at me and said, “Listen…don't you get the rhythm that these raindrops are making?” I loved the way she insisted on her thought. She continued “Listen to the sound when water drops fall to strike the window. It sounded like someone beating the drums. I was interested in her talks and was wishing she talked to me forever.

The bus stopped. As soon as we got off the bus, she ran across the road where a small puppy was struggling with the rain. She caressed him and put him in her lap. She then carried the puppy and was crossing the road. All of a sudden her mobile fell on the road. She was unaware. I didn’t know her name. So I shouted out loud, “Hey! Your phone! She heard me. She gestures me with a thumbs up. She turned back to pick the mobile. But then, a speeding car lost control and hit her. She fell on the road. She looked at me. Her face was completely wet with blood. I rushed towards her and tried to stop a cab to take her to a nearby hospital.

For the last 20 minutes, she was the only person I knew.

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