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Published On: June 4, 2019 05:58 PM NPT By: Republica

Things to consider before buying second hand bikes

Things to consider before buying second hand bikes

The number of motorbikes have increased rapidly with a majority most of Kathmanduties preferring motorbikes to vehicles, to escape chain traffic of the valley. However, everyone cannot afford a brand new bike. The second hand market for bikes has occupied a big market in Kathmandu. However, there are certain things that buyer must consider while buying a second hand bike. Read more for detail:

Why do you need a bike?

A buyer must be sure about the purpose of buying a bike and purchase accordingly. 

Where to buy?

It is always better to buy a bike from a renowned and known recondition house. This will help to enquire about its condition, and quality of bike- parts. Likewise, people can purchase second hand bikes from a trusted person or organization.


What should be considered?

Check the brakes:

Brake is a vital part of a vehicle; a simple defect in brake may result in a big problem. So, it’s very crucial to check a break before buying a bike.

Fuel leakage:

Fuel is a bike owner’s major expense and it’s always better to know about fuel condition in detail, including leakage and mileage. Likewise, buyer should also ask for a servicing scale from the ex-owner.

Condition of chain, chassis and tyre:

Buyer should always check on the conditions of chain, chassis and tyre before purchasing a second hand bike. Crunch in a chassis, condition of tyre, switch of a light are some of the thing that must be checked before buying a bike.

Auto parts:

Damaged auto parts can bring sequence of expenses for a bike owner. That’s why every parts of a bike must be checked before buying including exhaust pipe, wheel, suspension and additional accessories.

Legal documents:

Legal documents must be checked properly before buying a second hand bike like  chassis number mentioned in a blue book match with vehicles’ number or not. Dues like insurance, tax are paid or not. Likewise, you should ensure that the bike is not involved in any criminal activities.

Test drive:

You should take a test ride to check the condition of a bike. If you don’t have proper idea of bikes then you should ask someone who is expert with bikes and can suggest you the best option.

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