Published On: December 3, 2017 08:45 AM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Theater kid aspires to turn film star

Theater kid aspires to turn film star

KATHMANDU, Dec 3: Due to his chatty and funny nature in classroom, Laxman Ishar’s ECA teacher had admitted him in drama class when he was in Grade III. Laxman used to do mimicry of his school teachers when he was just a kid. He got the opportunity to hone his acting skills in his drama class. This gradually made him realize that he had the potential to become an actor. 

The understanding first hit Laxman after he was appreciated for his acting skills by one of the panelist at Inter School Drama Competition 2014. According Laxman, one of the judges had said that he was born for acting and that later became the source of motivation for him. His school had won the first runners up title for the drama where he played the role of a tea seller.

At the age of 15, Laxman recently participated in the National Solo Theatre Festival for Children 2017 though he was preparing for SEE. “Any student above Grade VIII is not allowed to participate in any extracurricular competitions at Bright Future Higher Secondary School. But the school trusts my talent and gave me the permission to represent my school in the competition,” said Laxman. 
In three-day long drama competition, Laxamn had played in the drama called ‘Kaag Ra Kamila’. He had played the role of an old man who told stories to the children of his village. “My sudden change in attitude, where I started impersonating the characters of my stories—a crow, an ant and a hunter—had ended up making the audience laugh,” said Laxman.

He has not even informed his parents about his dream of becoming an actor, but his brother Mahendra knows about Laxman’s talent and supports him. Laxman said, “I’m planning to tell my parent after my SEE. For now, I have to focus on my studies. Everything has a right timing, so I plan to tell my parents about my dream at the right moment. But I know that like my brother, my mom and dad will also support me,” added Laxman. 

For Laxman, acting is a medium of expression. He expresses his deep feelings through dramas. He wants to become successful like prominent actor Saugat Malla, who has a theatre background. He also plans to take drama courses during his three months’ vacation after SEE. 

Besides acting, he also loves to watch television and travel to new places because he believes these activities will give him different ideas that could be helpful for his acting. “I suggest all kids to be bold and brave. One must be able to face the crowd if one wants to become an actor. In addition, improvisation is the best quality an actor can possess, so try to hone that skill,” said Laxman. 

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