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Theater For Life

Theater For Life

Having dedicated almost a decade of his life to acting, Rabindra Singh Baniya is known as an acclaimed theater and movie actor. Although as a young boy he aspired to become an army officer like his father, his career took a sudden turn when he joined theaters in 2056 BS. Amidst all the struggles that he faced throughout the journey, his love and passion for acting remained intact.

Acting in a myriad plays and a good set of films like ‘Talakjung vs Tulke’, ‘Pashupati Prasad’ and ‘Jhumki’, got him applauding remarks nationally and internationally. 

Moreover, Rabindra’s recent movie ‘White Sun’ (Seto Surya) has been selected as Nepal’s entry for the 90th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category. 

My City’s Sonam Lama caught up with Rabindra to talk about his experiences and setbacks.

How has the 18 years long experience been?
The journey till here has been exhilarating as I managed to reach here surpassing all barriers with dedication for my work. I joined a training institution called Pariwartan Nepal to learn the modalities and technicalities of theater acting in 2056 BS.

After devoting sometime in the field, it further piqued my curiosity to learn and perform better. Working as a theater artist at the Rastria Nach Ghar, Gurukul and numerous national as well as international theaters for several years, I realized that I immensely enjoyed theater and could contribute my best through acting.

What hurdles have you overcome during your professional journey?
Every field has its own falls and struggles, however, not to let them hinder your growth is what actually matters. In the initial phase of my struggle, theater was not taken as a profession which made it more challenging for the artist to sustain their lives.

Due to limited budget and investment, there were many compromises that we had to face in order to keep the theater going. The main challenge that remained was to win people’s confidence and appreciation. And in order to keep the theaters going, I’ve also had to work as a marketing person to gather a good number of audiences.

How has the scope changed over the decades?
The field has definitely made improvements over the years however the saddening fact is that it has yet more to progress in Nepal. With emerging films like ‘Kalo Pothi’, ‘Soongava’, ‘Mask of Desire’, ‘Talakjung vs Tulke’ been directed and ‘White Sun’ (Seto Surya) been selected as Nepal’s entry for the 90th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign-Language Film category, the movie making has been thriving here. However, people are still hesitant to change perceptions about theater work that provides talented artists to the cine world. 

What measures can be adopted to boost acting field in Nepal?
I believe we have this trend of expecting from other source before we perform our respective roles. There is a dire need of support and coordination. Establishing laws and drawing restrictions is not going to welcome the changes that we seek today instead abiding by the law and carrying our respective duties sincerely is what counts at the end.

Our actions are seemingly driven from the thoughts we generate so it is primarily necessary that we turn down the hierarchy of works in order to let theaters and acting fields thrive here. There are valid reasons where we can blame the other sources but when it comes to inviting a strong impact in every field one should be bound by one’s responsibility and have an urge to play one’s part well.

Would you like to convey any message to the readers?
In terms of the fact that every profession demands equal drive and determination, I believe we should acknowledge our passion and give our best accordingly. Make sure you always set your priority and muster the courage to follow what you feel passionate about. One’s work should be guided by ethics and fair intentions in order to bring about positive changes in the lives of others. I think the great message that I can impart is be true to your own self, love your work and be a trendsetter. 

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