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Published On: November 18, 2018 11:44 AM NPT By: Republica

The touch of true Entrepreneurship

The touch of true Entrepreneurship

KATHMANDU, Nov 18: Resulting in lack of clear policies, entrepreneurship has not been able to flourish in Nepal like other countries globally. Also, entrepreneurial education seems to be at a primitive stage. Amidst the unfavorable situation for aspiring innovators in Nepal, there are some believers who still stay back to pen a better future. 

Like it’s said, ‘Where there is will, there is a way’; Khagendra Acharya, an aspiring entrepreneur sees Nepal as a land full of opportunities. Despite having graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in MBA, he continues his business venture called Oya Inc in Nepal. He initiated the project during his stay in USA. He reckons, Nepal’s geographical position has given him an advantage. “We are like a bridge between South Asia and Central Asia. India, China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan can be early markets for our entrepreneurial products,” he says. 

Under Oya Inc, three ventures including OYA Opportunities, OYA School and Global Entrepreneurship Boot camp are being executed so far. Oya Opportunities have been providing information on opportunities for youth like scholarships, exchange programs, conferences, and competitions, among others. 

Likewise, since 2017,   with his initiation, he has been hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (GEB); an event dedicated to grooming innovative minds across the globe into entrepreneurs. The Bootcamp has already created a startup community in Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia. GEB is organizing  its  fourth edition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from December 17 to December 20, 2018.Recently he has launched a new venture—Oya School which will be providing guidance and mentorship for the placement in the top universities in the world.

 Acknowledging his contribution in the sector of science and technology entrepreneurship, he received some prestigious award including ‘Best Startup Award’ by the former US President Bill Clinton in 2017 and ‘Young Researchers Award’ by Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany in 2013. 

Since his early days, he was interested in science and technology. Later, in 2013, he worked with Nobel Prize Winner (1992) Prof Richard R. who inspired him to explore the opportunities in the sector of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

He believed that entrepreneurship is simply the transformation of an innovative idea into a business model. “Anyone can be an entrepreneur if they can shape the ideas in their minds into a market-ready business. Entrepreneurs need to have excellent leadership and managerial skill. They also ought to have proper understanding of the market needs,” he said.

Acharya, along with his team members, is working to create the largest entrepreneurial community. Likewise, he is set to start a business school in Paris, France which is at its final phase. According to Acharya, this business school will mainly focus in young and innovative minds. This will help them initiate their startup. “This business school will certainly be different from the currently existing business school,” he shared.

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