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‘The Shadows in Silion’ fatalistic medieval fantasy

‘The Shadows in Silion’ fatalistic medieval fantasy

‘The Shadows in Silion’ is a fast paced, fatalistic medieval fantasy. It has a diverse and strong male lead with a series potential. Kritartha S.J.B Rana is a Nepali fantasy writer who writes in English. ‘The Shadows in Silion’ is his debut novel.

The main point of view in ‘The Shadows in Silion’ are those of Erik, Hector and Forthwind. With the plot being so addictive and thoroughly enjoyable. Erik is an incredible character, and the majority of many stand out moments feature him. His relationship with other characters, specifically Lady Ariana, Ryia, and Prince Hector are some of the elements that make him a delight to follow. 
‘The Shadows in Silion’ is well-written, with brilliant pacing and many standout moments. The world Kritartha has created is detailed and immersive. It is a thrilling and sometimes unpredictable read that features duels, epic battles, betrayals, politics, and intrigues. 

Erik Buxtor was in love with Ariana Cardes, a noble girl he was forbidden to marry. But that was soon to be the least of his problems.15 years old Erikis unaware of the treachery, terror and tragedy that lay ahead.The town of Billege used to be home to a peaceful community that provided safety for Erik, his family and friends.But Coby, Count Forthwind’s malicious son turns his world upside down. During an upper-class gathering for the high-bornCoby tells Erik to serve the Lords a certain tray of expensive wine, but as the night unfolds, Erik discovers that Coby had laced the ‘expensive’ wine with poison before he convinced Erik to serve it. The poison kills three beloved Lords and Coby blames Erik for their deaths in front of everyone in the castle.  

Count Forthwind orders a trial and execution the following morning and survival appears slim for Erik. But he manages to escape at the last minute with some unexpected help. He spends the next few years in the County of Hurlen with a new identity,training and laboring there, until he is forced to flee again by his sworn enemy, Coby. 

Intent on revenge, Erik finds him in a group of bandits and rises to gain a prominent position in no time with the use of his knowledge and skills. However, there are many within the groups who dislike him.He relives his horrific memories and is determined to bring his culprit to justice with the aid of his allies.

Though betrayed and foiled by his own comrades Drexter pushes on. He has less bandits to advance into battle with, but with the help of rebel Prince Hector and his men, Drexter is able to wipe out the Kocithian cult and finally kill Coby.

After years of hardship, Drexter is finally able to return to Billege and resume his original name, while Drexter’s victory becomes a legend.

There are drawbacks of course, unnecessary brutal scenes that would do little to move the plot forward. Another drawback would be a lack of characters background, only the major characters are well fleshed out. It started with a promise of romance but the writer seems to have got lost in the midst of politics and forgot the potential love sub plot. 

However, the narrative perspective is honed very close on its characters and their immediate thoughts, making sure you’re as close to its characters as possible. The book is excellent creation in terms of selection of content and character, action and background. 

The book is one lakh words long, 406 pages and would find a principal audience among fans of history and war.

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