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Published On: August 6, 2019 08:45 AM NPT By: Sushan Gautam

The parting ways

The parting ways

Photo Courtesy: Be Yourself

Somebody said     
It can’t be done,
As of then
Speaking against were none

Just like that there’s no more toil,
or oil to keep your heart going
afraid of disapproval or looking dumb
you choose the  cocoon before the tomb,
you choose the easy way, just as all say.

The world is against me
Where their path is the right
And judgments shatter any other sight
told to choose a comfort zone

When you are hiding 
special of your own
beyond the usual known
High time is it to venture out
Even just for a time without a doubt

Kissing the comfort zone a goodbye
With a grit, nobody can deny 
you choose to fly before the opinions imply
you choose the hard way, as none would ever say.


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