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The Originality of Bandipur

The Originality of Bandipur

TANAHUN, Dec 19: Bandipur is a famous rural tourism destination in the country. Preserving our tradition is one of the key reasons for the mushrooming tourism in the region. Vice Principal of Bandipur Campus and Bandipur resident, Govardhan Bhattarai stated that there is originality in traditions in Bandipur. The traditional houses with wooden windows and doors and beautifully carved vintage designs are the living examples of facts.”   

It is believed that civilization set up in Bandipur from the 18th century. Newa community started building homes and made pavements by laying stones. Special precautions are still taken while building houses in Bandipur. Engineer at Bandipur Rural Municipality, Bishwa Prakash Sulpe informed that channel gates and shutters are prohibited in Bandipur. He further stated that people are not allowed to build a house within a distance of 45 feet from the road. Because of easy access to infrastructures like the road the place is highly preferred by tourists. Bandipur is 7 kilometers far from the Dumre Market in Tanahun. Cleanliness is another identity of Bandipur. 

Not just during the season, the place remains jam-packed even during offseason. 

Thani Mai hill, one of the bustling tourist destinations of Bandipur is famous for campfire and sunshine view. Locals informed that the tourist’s arrival increases immensely during public holidays and weekends. Tourists from different countries visit the hill-town. Americans, British, and Chinese visitors top the list.

Number of tourists increased after the then government permitted Bandipur as tourist point back in 2056 BS. Mount Resort was established in 2057 BS by the Social worker and tourism entrepreneur, Santakumar Shrestha. He has contributed in maintaining the number of tourist flow in the place. Shrestha expressed his happiness on the commercial success of the resort. “Before 2056 BS, the roads in Bandipur were not blacktopped. After the development of infrastructures like roads, the place established its identity as a tourist destination,” Bhattarai remembered the past. 

Various business groups are investing millions to establish commercial hotels, restaurants, and resorts in Bandipur. The place is equally rich in terms of culture as well. Local Newa communities perform different jatras like Khadga Jatra, Gai Jatra, Ropai Jatra, Bagh Jatra, and Lakhe dance. There are two trekking routes that start from Bandipur. ‘Bandipur-Chhimkeshwori’ and ‘Bandipur-Damauli’— are making the area famous for trekking and hiking. Likewise, the favorable environment for orange and silk cultivation are making it famous for agriculture as well. Numerous mountain ranges can be seen from Bandipur including Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Machhapuchhre and Manaslu.

Picnic spot in Tindhara 
With the picnic season fast arriving, people from various parts of the country visit Tindhara in Bandipur. The place remains packed in weekends. President of Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, Baisa Gurung informed that the picnic season in Bandipur kicks off after November. “More than 25 picnic group daily visit Tindhara during this season,” Gurung added. 

Bandipur Tourism Development Committee informed that initially public ground was used as a picnic spot but because of the lack of water and increase in pollution, separate picnic spots have been built. Bandipur rural municipality collects revenue from the picnic groups visiting Tindhara. Purna Singh Thapa informed that Rs 1000 is collected from every picnic groups. “We started collecting the money to increase the income of the rural municipality. Collected revenues are used to renovate the picnic spots,” Thapa said. The spot comprises of necessary infrastructures like picnic house, toilets, pavement and electricity supplies. 

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