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Published On: July 11, 2018 08:57 AM NPT By: Shreej Poudel

The need for change

The need for change

21st century, what a wonderful time to be alive! There are lots of things to be grateful to; along with the extra spices of life, we also have education. I’ve always considered reading of being a life-changing experience, but even the educated lot indulges in alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. 

Is it because education liberates people? Maybe, but it is worth wasting our lives with unhealthy practices. For years, we have been taught to stay away from intoxicants, but never brought our teachings into practice. We were also taught that racism was wrong and urged to practice the traits of equality, but are yet to implement in life. 

How about we change the learning system? For a start, instead of showing the darker sides of racism, we can encourage pupils to love and respect one another. Rather than mentioning people are different, the system can point out ways to bring the global population together to live in harmony. 

Start with the new format of the education system. Teach the new protegés to stay apathetic to racial prejudice. This way they will learn to accept and respect the differences people possess around the world. 

The society in which children grow will considerably impact on the molding of their minds. Children reciprocate to their surroundings. 

We don’t need people who succeed only because they are good at remembering. The current scenario sees the need for scholars with the capability of understanding the fundaments of nature. We need people who think creatively, innovatively and work to reestablish faith in humanity. 

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs are the prime examples of success notwithstanding college degrees. Their secret lies in their ability to think outside the box and influence the entire world to acknowledge their innovations.  

We need to upgrade our education system and show the differences between schooling and education. Even the group of fishes are called ‘school’ and but they don’t seem to stress over math theorems or scientific laws. They’re just groups of fishes swimming wandering around aimlessly.
I am ready to strive for the change I believe in, are you?

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