Published On: December 7, 2022 01:48 PM NPT By: D.P

The moon is hideous

The moon is hideous

No, the scars of the moon are not grandeur 

No, the scars of the moon don’t glimmer with valor 

Oh, shameful moon! 

Did you go about with your tittle-tattle and let in a word for deg selv? 

Oh, shameful moon! 

You change yourself night in and night out 

You ornament yourself with dazzling stars 

And yet your fail to hide your scars 

Oh, shameful moon! 

I hide you with the mist from my maw 

I bypass you as I once saw 

Oh, shameful moon! 

Why must you peer down on me? 

Why must you hold your dome higher than mine? 

Why must you laugh the last laugh? 

Are my instruments of amusement that pleasing? 

Does it comfort you when the morn comes? 

To know a human with as many scars as you 

Walks this wretched earth, 

Night in and night out.


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