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Published On: June 18, 2017 01:23 PM NPT By: Sarala Gautam

The Misery of love

The Misery of love

One side of Rubik’s cube is always easy to solve but to solve it as a whole; it’s definitely no piece of cake. Relationships are pretty much the same; there are lots of puzzles you need to solve as you go on. You  make mistakes, learn from it,  cope with choices you don’t want to make and compromise as these are the inevitabilities of life.

In ancient times, humans were not as civilized as they are today.  However, as we gradually developed  to be what today’s people say, ‘a moral human being’, the meaning somehow is long-forgotten by us.  There was a time when marriage was only  a legit way of continuing generations and a time where the love sparkled with Shakespeare’s ink. However, the change in time has brought about the change in our thoughts, priorities and the way we handle our relationships.

When talking about divorces, it has been  a common practice on today’s society which has left several impacts on our generation. Over years, I have witnessed some of my friend’s parents getting divorced in Nepal.  People are now able to identify their choices and enjoy their living their own way even after a making commitment to stay together for the rest of their lives. What they fail to acknowledge is that amidst the decision they take to part their ways, the child is the one to get severely affected in every way.

I’m not against divorces but I’m not encouraging it either. I believe it should be carried out for the possible best interest of all members of the family. I have had experienced my friends going hopeless and depressed about their parents decision on separating their ways.  We all can agree that divorce is the last option but not the only one. So, think before you make any decision that would have an impact on others who are close to you. Give time to your relationship and don’t take decisions in haste because you might leave your spouse tomorrow for your own good but it would bear nice outcomes for your children to the least. So, take time and make enough effort to solve the Rubrik cube as a whole.
The writer is a SEE graduate.



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