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Published On: June 25, 2019 11:04 AM NPT By: Ichhya Neupane

The Magic Door

The Magic Door

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It was a lovely morning. The birds were chirping and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue. I was in my house listening to “Back to You”. My cat, Angel, who was crawling on the bed, jumped off and went under it. When she got out, she was wearing a really cute headband which was glittery and had a unicorn horn on it. Then, the most surprising thing happened. She made my door look like a unicorn! That was when I thought Angel had powers whenever she wore that headband. I got my phone and followed her. She opened the door with her magic and we went through. I opened my eyes and I could not believe them; it was simply amazing. I screamed, “OMG, I love the amusement park and unicorns”. Then, I noticed that my outfit had changed and the best part is that I had magic because of my headband. Even my ears changed color. My phone had a different case on it too. We walked and walked until we reached a building. There was a pretty looking lady who was wearing a dress that was black, fading into purple and she had black high-heels on too. Her hair was black and it was dawn. She said “Hello”!

“H-Hello”. I nervously replied. She looked a little bit weird. She said “you are early for the tour”. Then, I looked at the sign, it said “tour starts at 2:00“. But then, my mind changed, I wanted to go on the rides. I said “nice meeting you”. I ran off to go to the amusement park. But the line was not that long so I waited for about 3 minutes. After that, I went on a ride and I sat down. It boosted off. “Ahhhhhahhhh !!!!” I screamed.

 After the ride, I sat down on the bench and felt dizzy. No wonder the line only took 3 minutes. After I stopped feeling dizzy, I felt hungry. So, I went to the best place in the world. It was Starbucks! I got a Frappuccino and it was delicious.

Then, I went to the tour and it was the right time to go. But then, I noticed that there was a key on the cloud where the rainbow was and what do you know? We were the first in line. Then, some unicorns came, then, more and more. After the unicorns came it was about to start but the lady was not here yet. Something was not right. First, she looked weird and now she is not here! Suddenly, the sky and the key turned grey! I moved one step away. I had to do something. Then, I got an idea.

I made a camera with my magic. I put the camera next to the key and then, all I had to do was wait. After the sky turned black, I went into the building and got the camera. I watched the video. Oh my God! That sneaky lady stole the key. I went to the police department and let them watch the video. They said that they would get the key back and give that lady a punishment. Then, they immediately got up and went away. I asked my cat to take us home. I kept the headband and my cat kept it too. I think that was the best adventure ever.

Neupane is studying in grade 3 at Fern Elementary School, Torrance, USA.

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