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Published On: October 11, 2019 03:24 PM NPT By: Amrit Poudel

The lost almighty

The lost almighty

Have not heard you speak

Since the day, you left me

I do not remember the talk we had

Neither your face comes back to me

How anonymous can one be?

The torrential rain,

The rattling of the mighty land

And the chaos of the burning pyre

When leaves your children dead

You live behind the faces of grimace

You live behind the beguiling faces of happiness

Speaking not a word, passing not a virtue

Where shall I find you?

What shall I offer you?

My Life –which you once offered

I wonder if you met a friend of mine

Who offered thy soul in search of you?

Beyond the sky of infinite colors, I stare

To find naught but the twinkling of stars

Where I picture my grandma and all the deceased

However, they do not speak, as I lay stranded

Tones of melancholy reverberate

While I hear words from the outer space

I feel alienated; not a word I could share to else

For I wonder if it’s thee, the deceased

Or the self of mine wanting these events completely ceased

almighty, god, prayers,

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