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Published On: December 16, 2018 12:29 PM NPT By: Arjeeb Cartman

The Legacy Untold

The Legacy Untold

The reality bespeak the remorse that shall 
Pencil in the misery from fate to faith
And when faith and endeavor come to be pal
I shall, in the holiness of humanity; swim and bathe

As the high Himalayas, my pride shall mount 
By my acts of truth; far-fetched as the plains
Where crops of progression shall grow and count
The worth of every child that worship: the bravery stain

Hallelujah! The hymn of colors I shall chant
If acceptance a vision, and unity the culture
For my mother land second to none, this I know, this I rant 
And never had it been, I’m sure, a corpse to a vulture 

When the uniqueness illuminates a lustrous mirth 
The pages of memoir I shall unfold
And pen down my imaginations that came to earth
As I shall unravel, the legacy untold! 

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