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Published On: February 27, 2018 09:15 AM NPT By: Pratik Mainali

The haunted house (Part 1)

The haunted house (Part 1)

The reader, you are certainly alive and well, I, the writer, however, am at least a decade gone into the deep unalterable slumber to convince the reader that I am indeed dead. I wish to show you a trick. A deep booming manly voice with a horrific hoarseness will be narrating right behind your eardrums and reverberate all over your skull the following narrative, while rattling and clinking of the bones will occasionally add terror in your head. The night was dark, stormy and violent. 

The house stood on the unevenly hung hills, the eerie stalking windows, chilled the very marrow of an onlooker’s bones and scared any living thing planning to intrude from a distance. The iron gates were bolted firmly, the mighty oaken doors slammed shut the walls tall and almost as strong as they looked, neatly blanketed floor, the overpowering smell of dust. The house had a presence of its own, a living breathing radiating presence. Legend has it at night its breath rattled against the trees of the forest that lied below, bending the trees and in extreme cases- breaking them. A distinct humming sound could be heard in a steady rhythm, accompanied by a low tormenting whisper. The house was well and alive and raging inside. And inside the house lived a man, Jake, alone.

Jake, wrapped around his blanket looked out his window as the violent wind cut through the heaving clouds in the pink and purple sky, and tossed the trees down below. The moon with black dimples stood alone in the sky. Suddenly the sky came crashing down with a colossal tumult. The house shuddered. Jake, who had been just left the bed and put his feet firm on the cold ground, bobbed his Adam’s apple convolutedly and shuddered. God! Two more days, he thought. Trying to calm himself down. In two more days, he’d be out of the forbidden gate and would finally enter the real world. The aloneness in the room was haunting.

Above the sky gave a muffled roar. Down below, the sound of the clocks striking and ticking could be heard. If one paid more attention a faint sound of river running could be heard too. The house trembled gently but other than that a vast unsettling silence hung over the land. He felt an uneasy stirring in the piece of his stomach. His tongue fell swooning to the floor of the mouth.

It’s rather cold here, he thought. Maybe I should go in. He clicked the button on the wall and the secret door hissed loudly open. Smoke came curling from below, and the floor juddered. As he entered the hollow room, his footsteps echoed loudly all over. He had never entered the room in his life but had always it had always exited his curiosity. Today, however, two days before he was going to leave the place, he decided to finally enter the room.

The room was gigantic, with black draperies preventing any light from entering in. Jake pressed the button inside and the door slammed shut, plunging him into absolute blackness. He felt a pair of eyes slowly creeping into his back and his heart thundered. He began looking at every crevice of the darkness and finally saw a thread of light poking from north. Groping his way through the darkness he was approaching the place when suddenly a rigid object feels rattling on him. In absolute terror, he flung the object putting all his strength behind it.

The object crashed into the glass shattering it and showering it all over the room. At the very moment, the drapes fluttered into the room and it was as clear as day. As his eyes fell on the floor what he saw thrilled his being. There was a skeleton as white as death. He gasped and fell back and began to run. You could feel air blowing through the house and he suddenly felt as if he was in the tummy of a whale.

He fell upon the floor, his pulse slowed, his breathe was leaving his nose but not entering, He looked at the shadows dancing on the ceiling, bony creatures were dancing on the walls. He felt a cold steel enter his mouth and slowly digging down his throat. His eyes that were wide open shut wearily. Finally, he surrendered to death. 

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