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Published On: August 3, 2019 10:41 AM NPT By: Binaya Dhakal

Global warming

Global warming

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When two earth’s lovers meet at a coffee shop, global warming is the universal icebreaker. Extreme heat, the big snowmelt, increasing sea level, floods and droughts for this weekend; it’s all are fair game. Global warming is a phenomenon of climate change due to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth.  Humans are increasingly influencing the earth’s temperature and climate by burning fossil fuel, cutting down trees and farming livestock. Different human activities produce an enormous amount of greenhouse gas causing greenhouse effect and global warming.

Now the human’s artificial activities is causing more dramatic change to our climate. 1.2 million people die every year because of pollution and millions of people are suffering from many diseases. Climate change is now affecting every country all over the world. Due to global warming earth has become warmer day by day.

The massive use of fossil fuel is the main source of global warming as burning coal, oil and gas produce carbon dioxide the most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Cows and sheep produce a large amount of methane gas when they digest their food. Deforestation, intense farming, waste disposal, mining, overconsumption are the main causes of global warming. Due to these human activities, frightening consequences may happen on earth. The increase of temperature and climate change have a great effect on biodiversity (destroy the lifecycle of many animals, plants and insect), increasing the sea level (flooding in many countries) increase reaches 18cm in the century and the worth case is rise of up 1m by 2100, on human and on the weather. The cities like Beijing is choked by industrial pollution, the rainforest in Indonesia have been cut clear. In India every year massive flood washed many crops. Sea level rise has brought flooding. Ancient glaciers are rapidly disappearing. All this is phenomenon absolutely terrifying. Ice is melting massively even in the Mt Everest, we can see only black mountain insist on the white beautiful snow-capped mountain. Even at the top of the world, we suffer from global warming. What may happen after some decade is always terrifying me?

Nepal has very diverse climate conditions, ranging from tropical in the south to alpine in the north. Highly fertilized land in the Tarai region to the most beautiful mountain peak, precious Himalayan herbs in the Himalaya region. Forest pulverization welcome many serious issues like a dry spell, avalanches, soil disintegration, over surges, climate extremes, contamination, greenhouse impact, ozone layer exhaustion, and desertification.

The latest survey in Nepal shows that the total forest-covered is increased by 5 percent in the last some years. In spite of highly industrialize land (consumption of fossil fuel is less) and sufficient forest area, we too are suffering from climate change and global warming.

The first way to prevent climate change is to move away from fossil fuel. We should give priorities to renewable energies like solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energies. Energy and water efficiency, sustainable transportation, sustainable infrastructure, sustainable agriculture and forest management, responsible consumption and recycling are the main point of preventing global warming. One massive change is required right now. Now it’s time for action.


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