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Published On: June 11, 2018 11:03 AM NPT By: Aditya Neupane and Megha Rathi

The fitness routine

The fitness routine

The advantages of exercising cannot be stressed enough. Even the very famous Greek philosopher, Plato, said, “In order for man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together. With these means, man can attain perfection.” 

To gauge the significance of this idea among Kathmandu’s college students, we engaged in conversations with the young lot enquiring their fitness routine. We also discussed their views on the correlation between physical and mental health. 

Bibhatsu Thapa, 22, 
student at St. Xavier’s College

“I used to work out a lot earlier, and then for a while, I stopped. It’s been a week that I resumed. I work out at home every day – mostly cardio and the usual stretching exercises. Only if the lift isn’t working or is overcrowded do I switch to stairs, but I do prefer walking short distances instead of using a vehicle.
I have reduced the number of cigarettes I smoke; I also quit drinking last year to live a healthier life. No more late night parties and no more going out on Fridays! I sleep on time too” 

Vaani Khanna, 20, 
Student at Manipal University, India 

“I don’t work out because I am lazy! I use stairs because I just don’t like lifts, and I choose to walk to save money and remain fit. My sister is currently going through a lot of neck pain and the doctor has suggested working out to deal with it. When I run (which I do when I’m not lazy) I get this endorphin rush after my work out. I wish I did more to keep myself fit!” 

Bisham Bagale, 19, 
student at Thapathali Campus 
Institute of Engineering 

“I exercise twice a week in the form of playing cricket or jogging in the morning. Sure, I’ll walk short distances but I won’t pick stairs over lifts! 
I think it’s a myth that we can expand our lifespan by exercising because there are other important lifestyle choices too, like food habits. It’s a bluff! But I do avoid spicy, oily foods and limit their consumption to once or twice a week.”

Pabitra Rai, 18, 
student at Pashang Lamu Sherpa 
Memorial College

 “Exercise adds real meaning to my life as it makes me calm. My busy schedule affects my workout time, but I make sure that I do it at least 30 minutes in the mornings. I follow a timetable to stay fit and healthy; I eat and sleep on time and also avoid junk food. I believe that prevention is better than cure and strongly recommend others to be conscious towards their health too.”

Trishna  Basnet, 19, 
student at Baglung High School

 “Every morning I jog and jump ropes for 30 minutes to stay fit. Similarly, instead of using vehicles to cover short distance travels, I prefer walking. Apart from physical benefits, my regular exercise helps me to get rid of any kind of mental issues as it sweeps away all my frustration and anger in the morning itself!  I know different fatal diseases like heart stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure that can be caused by living an unhealthy life so I make sure I exercise. 
I am getting lots of changes in my mental and physical health after working out on a regular basis, so I recommend others to do so too.”

Rahul Dewan, 21, 
student at St. Xavier’s College 

“Working out definitely is a healthy way to deal with stress. I can tell because I am under a lot of stress right now and I am not working out either. I can feel the difference. It’s a universal fact that exercising regularly can give us a longer life. 
My father, even at 60, still runs. I tried making smaller changes in my lifestyle to stay fit but it’s all gone the down the drain! I tried diet control and bring consistency in my sleep timings, but because of the bachelor life – you know, partying – it’s very difficult.”

Adait Astha Gurung, 21, 
Student at St Xavier’s College

“I am not too familiar with the exercising drills, so I use platforms like YouTube and Google to help me with my morning workout. I usually check different types of yoga videos and follow the instructions provided. Every morning I spend 30 – 60 minutes doing yoga. Apart from that, I prefer walking to maintain my fitness.
I believe that exercising will help to reduce frustration and unwanted stress. I also swim on a regular basis to release my mental burden.”

Bikash Pandey, 19,
 student at Thapathali Campus 
Institute of Engineering

“Every day I spend 15 – 30 minutes practicing yoga. I also follow TV programs that teach exercises and go on short treks or hikes with friends on a monthly basis. I believe that doing physical exercise on a regular basis will really help maintain a healthy life. I can feel the change in my energy after I started doing yoga regularly. I don’t feel any kind of weakness and numbness after I started working out. I know that yoga is not enough so I have started avoid junk food.”

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