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Published On: October 21, 2020 08:55 PM NPT By: Sugam Gautam

The Drifting Existence

The Drifting Existence

I exist today, not sure of tomorrow.
I sing today, not sure If I can the next day.
The nib of this pen is writing like it has no ending,
But it has.
He was better than I am
But he doesn't stand today.
He will fade away from everyone's memory,
If not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.
But he will,one day.
A question arises in the mid of this night,
Will a better person come and occupy his space?
If another comes, how long will he be remembered?
If I excelled among tens of thousand, will I be remembered?
If I do, how long will I?
I am just a man of moment and will be gone soon.
Unsurprisingly, everyone will.

tomorrow, today, slammed,

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