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Published On: July 28, 2019 10:54 AM NPT By: Sushan Gautam

The Dove’s Mockery

The Dove’s Mockery

I fly and gaze with a sigh
As someone stops peace scheme the world has to try
Because it gets heated when I wish it wouldn’t
Because men do what they often shouldn’t
Because agreements fail, and pursuits go wrong
Conspiracies and Cold War all year along.

I soar but the world has me down
And it’s keeping me there
I don’t get a chance, Oh the world is unfair!
Because men lose when only one hopes to gain
Because the invisible walls bring pain and again
Because bombs explode where they liked to play
Terrorism and coercive diplomacy in harmony’s way.

I flutter yet I want to hear
The deepest that is said
That many a time the hungry slept on no bed
Because dreadful atrocities forever smile
Because emission limits trudge the mark awhile
Because global warming is choking ‘em for too long
The exploding populations whimper the world’s all wrong.

I could have you a dozen, yes,
A Hundred I guess
Of things that dragged my symbol from success
But somehow troubles don’t trouble many who bear
Somehow contributing less and expecting more seems fair
Somehow the grumbling who stand about
Want this dove’s mockery to casually pass out.


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