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Published On: June 19, 2019 01:32 PM NPT By: Republica

The Different Dimensions of Ghanashyam Gautam

The Different Dimensions of Ghanashyam Gautam

Ghanashyam Gautam was born on Ashoj 15, 2038 in Gauraddha,  Jhapa. Out of the four children of Ganga Prasad Gautam and Narmada Gautam, Ghanashyam was the youngest.

Right from his childhood days, struggle was never away from Gautam. After his birth, during his growing years, Gautam had a disability- a twisted neck. This continued up to the age of 8 until his Grandfather pledged (Vaakal) to travel to Satashi Dhaam (A famous religious place in eastern Nepal).

Gautam   recalls that right from his schooldays (Kanchenjunga Primary School where he studied up to fifth Grade) he developed a great taste for movies and theatres. He firmly remembers the first movie he watched in a theatre: John Johnny Janardan!

It was amazing to also learn about his immense interest in movies when we were revealed that He watched the Nepali Movie “Chino” for 22 times.

Despite being a bright student and his brilliance been recognized, especially by his Nepali teacher, the love and passion for watching movies always pulled Ghanashyam to the local theatre; Shivadarshan Chalachitra Mandir, where he would peep through the entrance door during his school breaks.

After watching the movie Chino for numerous times, he would call over his friends and villagers and narrate the story with excellent caricature of characters in the movie- which successfully added that extra impact. This love for the Movie made him realize that he definitely belonged to this Industry. He then idolized the ‘Mahaanayak’ of Nepali Movies Industry Rajesh Hamal as his rolemodel.

After successful completion of the primary level education, Gautam enrolled in Janata Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Gauraddha to continue his education up to SLC. This is a reputed school in Gauraddha with successful alumni’s like Agni Kharel, late Indra Lohani, Laxman Gamnage, Deepal Karki and Dhurmush (Sitaram Kattel) to name a few.

What a coincidence: His school was of a mere five minute walk from the movie theatre. What else could he ask for? Between classes and during breaks, he rushed to the theatre to peek through the door and quench that thirst of his craze for movies.  Despite this, passing subjects were never a challenge for him.

Gautam further recalls about his involvement of theatre-art. He says he was always very curious in knowing about how dramas and plays were enacted. Hence, to get a hands-on experience, he volunteered in joining a playgroup in order to kill that curiosity. Then onwards, he started enacting plays on his own.

Ghanashyam looks back and remembers his days while working with Radio Nepal and Sarvanaam Theatre. He credits both these institutions for bring him this far. In 2051, he got an opportunity to work with late Basudev Munal for a program called “Haatemalo Sanchaar”. However he earned his first earing of Rs. 50/- with a play entitled “Pataka Samuha”. “This was one of my happiest moments” states Ghanashyam. Post this, Mr. Gautam never looked back. He was entitled to voicing various successful plays in the Radio Nepal. At the age of 12, his small play (Laghu-Naatak) named Hajurbuwa ra Naati was aired in Radio Nepal.

At the age of 13, Gautam joined Sarvanaam Theatre, a renowned Nepali Theatre Group led by legendary Ashesh Malla. It was in Sarvanaam Ghanashyam broke all barriers and developed himself as an actor.  In 1999, he acted in Punarmilan, a play directed by Ashesh Malla. This play was performed in the Third International Baal Naatak Mahotsav, New Delhi, India. Contestants from 16 nations participated in this event. Gautam played Triple-role in Punarmilan which secured him a hard earned gold medal for the event.

After  a successful start at Radio Nepal and Sarvanaam theatre, Gautam had his eyes set on the Television  Industry.  He wanted to create a similar impact via television. He then thought of acting the then famous TV Serial “Hijo Aaja Ka Kura”. This was a program directed by Santosh Pant. Ghanashyam gautam recalls how he struggled to get into the long audition line outside the director’s Dhapasi residence. And finally after his turn arrived how he made it for a small role in that serial.


Likewise, after an incident where he was scheduled to be acting in a series called ‘Mr. Fantoosh’, but the series never was made, he gave up his interest in television and came back to where he actually belonged: Radio Nepal!

The play telecasted on radio Nepal (Radio-Naatak) named Saathi Sanga Mann ka Kura produced by Equal Access bagged the “BEST Radio Program aired in Asia”. Gautam was a proud 17 year recipient of that award.  His collaboration with equal access gave the listeners various Radio Naatak like “Sanga Sangai, Samajhdaari, Kaam ka Kura, Desh- Pardes and Nayaa Nepal. Ghanashyam presented a radio Naatak named nayaa Baato nayaa Paila which spun successfully over 550 episodes. “I have played (acted) in over 6000 Radio-Plays”, a proud Ghanashyam Gautam claims. These days he is in the mood to write a book on how radio-plays are made/ played. And why not? After 24 years of such immense and successful involvement with Radio Nepal, this isn’t a bad idea after all.

Gautam clearly recall that there was never a Genre of child-artist in the radio-plays before him. So it wouldn’t be unfair/unjustly in calling him the Pioneer of Child-Artist in Radio-plays of Nepal. He has also played in various Stret-Plays as child artist. In 2052, along with the “Haatemalo Baal Club”, he acted in a Street-Play: Haami Basanta Khoji Rahechhau. Till date, Ghanashyam has already travelled over 65 districts while training and himself performing in street-plays. He has so far successfully trained over  4000 Drama-Aspirants of all ages. He states that his internal satisfaction/ bliss in acting and teaching/training his pupils.

Finally, today Gautam has successfully projected Himself as the character “Prachanda” in the television Industry. He re-entered the Television fraternity via JhyaainKuti but gained fame this time around from the serial Meri Bassai. However, it was in 2067, during the festival of Holi when Himalayan TV invited him in a program called the Holi Blast where he debuted his Prachanda’s Avataar via Television.     

This great actor recalls his acting roots. It was in Mr. Birendra Hamal’s classes Ghanashyam officially learnt acting. He was the best student of the M-Art Theatre run by Hamal.

Twakendra Niwaas is another program that enhances his acting glory. It has over 4, 00,000 views in YouTube alone.  With a variation of over 35 characters via various plays and acts, Ghanashyam Gautam is definitely a Gem Artist in the Nepali Acting Industry.


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