Muniram Prasad Sharma Pokhrel

Published On: January 26, 2020 02:56 PM NPT By: Muniram Prasad Sharma Pokhrel

The darkness, the devil and the struggle

The darkness, the devil and the struggle

The path was dark but I third my way,

My heart pumped, my legs trembled, and my body shaken,

Nightmare stories I heard my friends and family say,

How the dignity and respect of ours were taken.

I continued my brisk walk with my face pale and the night grey,

Some shadows I saw at a distant, my heartbeat throttled quick,

And I tried to walk the best I could whom to say,

But the clumping footsteps were making me sick.

I prayed to be safe, my tears rolled down the cheek,

But I got lost in the dark woods not where I should,

Trying my best to find the path I seek,

Ran through the tall trees, green grasses, and a broken bridge without a miss.

 Across the stream opposite, I saw the shadows peek,

Lamenting the catch they miss, and far away

I lay on the soft grass with a little fantasy of bliss.

slammed, darkness, struggle,

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