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Published On: December 7, 2019 12:43 PM NPT By: Parbat Lawati

The conversation

The conversation

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Fishing sister! Tell me 

how much fish you caught?

Are they to illuminate the moments with your own?

Or, are you taking them to market?

The gazette reports,

 'price of the fish 

in recent days has soared'

O! Lady of the river!

what do you do 

with the money accumulated?

‘Eons and eons since,

In this river 

We’ve been fishing

The water flows

The fish flows

Rocks have melted to sands

And sands have flowed 

leaving us behind’

‘Sir, one doesn’t fish to buy golds and silver,  

bold is the hunger where the hearth is cold, hearth of my home is cold.”

How often do you satiate yourselves?

“harsh is the love, mother who is poor.

Eating fish don’t keep them

 today for tomorrow.”

And with today’s catch what have you planned to buy?

 “syrup and pills

For my bed ridden husband.”

And what will you feed your children tonight?

“Tea without sugar

Hearth without fire

Scold full of love.”

O! I had assumed 

you must be raising 

a sailing castle 

resilient to;

torrent and tidal waves.


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