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Published On: November 27, 2018 09:18 AM NPT By: Arjeeb Cartman

The Caged Free Bird

The Caged Free Bird

Oh! Poor, Oh! A caged little nestling
Spreading his wings: the joy of freedom he surmises
Of the gospel he is unaware, on isolation he cling 
Wisely wizard withdrew him, wily unwise 

Perfection in array, wing tricks and jolts 
The best among his caged friends; a must for him
Else the proprietor shan’t feed him for faults
Self-pity his conscience, but conscience his dim

A life out of the cage he imagines, yet his imagination a brevity
A life without his array, that life he fears
Never will he choose, the path of liberty
As misconceptions his god, his laughs and tears 

The enticing limitations; the life of the caged free bird
A legacy of his; born and forgotten in the cage
For I, a human is the caged free bird
A captive of society I am, for my legacy their page!

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