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Published On: June 12, 2019 04:10 PM NPT By: Anwesha Khadka

The Buds: Feast to the eyes

The Buds: Feast to the eyes

Photo: Srijana College of fine arts


The portrayal of life is supposed to be a really difficult task. This is why writings, art, and music exist. Art is a beautiful portrayal of what is going on in your mind and heart. The light strokes of the different size of brushes that can bring life to any object it touches.

Sirjana College of Fine Arts brings to you the depiction of the youth’s minds; 'The Buds' referring to ready for bloom, any moment. On June 10, Students of grade twelve put forward their efforts, hard work and dedication worth a year which lies at each and every nook and corner of the rooms of 'Nepal Art Council' located at Baber Mahal.

The streamline of the exhibition are Painting, Sculpture and Applied Arts. The three elements that are taught throughout the course in the year have been exhibited. From the basic learning of lines to shadowing, tone, color theory, view from a different perspective, color coordination and master copy (an exact copy of the real artists).  Even if you are a beginner who would want to know the beauty of art. As soon as you enter the hall, you will find the pictures guiding you from the basic to the depth.

The difference about this year's event from the past two is that from the composition concept was somewhat limited to daily life but now it talks about life events or experiences and most correlating news articles portrayed in the form of art. Apart from illustrating artwork as a form of expression forming teams for teaching about coordination and correlation has been a beneficial lesson to the students'.

"Limiting the students to the four corners of the room can cause dullness to the brain. Allowing the youthful mind to wander through the streets of the world brings out more productive ideas. This is the third time we are holding an exhibition. So, unlike the past two times, we tried our best to let the students' explore beyond what is usually done. Something out of the box. We as teachers are very proud about our students' putting such great efforts and dedication to their work," said Roshan Bhandari one of the exhibition coordinators.

"Art is something that helps me portray my thoughts and ideas to the world. I think art as a companion that without fail supports me in ups and downs of my life," said Rashmi Shrestha.

"Calligraphy work depicts better expression in the purest form which is why I chose this form of art," said Siddhartha Shakya one of the student.

According to Dewendra Pandey the exhibition coordinator 'Applied Art' is a self satisfaction providing a form of art. It mostly talks about design and graphical kind of work. In the past manual work which is the model form of the layout of magazine or newspaper was used to avoid making mistakes. This was generally used by the commercial designer. But now we have included it in the courses in order to teach students' about how things used to work back then.

"Since I use a lot of dots in my painting I prefer calling my work Dotts. As usually clocks are used for knowing the time instead of that, why not try looking at the clock to know the current emotion you have is basically the concept of my work," said Nikhil Shakya (Dotts).

The exhibition is in full swing which will last till the 13th of June 2019. As the exhibition demonstrates and emphasizes on the fact that art is a form of speaking out your problems and healing those who have been hurt without speaking. It would be a loss to miss this opportunity.

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