Ariestotle Raj Maharjan

Published On: July 23, 2018 01:40 PM NPT By: Ariestotle Raj Maharjan

The beautiful game

The beautiful game

My love for football grew into me from the 2010 World Cup. The environment then was no different from what is now; I was just soaking it a little lackadaisical way. I and my brothers sat with my eyes glued onto the TV screen without having a clue of what was happening. We saw people sprinting towards ball like madmen, so was my perspective back then. 

Our lunch breaks soon turned into a carnival 50 children running after a deflated ball. Slowly I started understanding the craze behind the game. Since then I started following football in a line drawn by passion and happiness. The examples of the dedication of fans of this sport go beyond what the eye can see. Thousands of Peruvians sold their houses to afford a ticket to Moscow for the in-vogue World Cup. One thing that can be identified as an epithet for the sport’s fame is the devotion one has for their country or club. 

I supported Argentina during the World Cup. I had come home tired, after school. So, I sat down in front of the television which had the recap playing. It was then that I saw Argentina consequently converting me into a supporter. With added knowledge about football, I began to careen more to the men in blue-white stripes, especially the 5 feet virtuoso, Lionel Messi. 
One might state that Argentina is overrated, but I didn’t support them due to the cultural relevance it possesses, rather I supported them due to the tactical and mechanical brilliance they showcased. A glimpse of their playing style defines the root of my appreciation for them. We constantly see Messi dipping in the back to structure the passes correctly. Though many aren’t happy with the recent result, only a few acknowledge the defensive puzzle.

 All in all, only a handful in our nation has a barren approach to this global sport. The popularity of it only seems to be growing especially with the docking of the football fiesta. The gravity that this sport possesses is backed by its ability to put billions on the emotional roller-coaster going through a track of unpredictable scores. 



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