Published On: April 14, 2019 11:05 AM NPT By: Tejaswi Pahari

The battle between humanity and inhumanity

The battle between humanity and inhumanity

Somewhere or the other we as a human have been harassed, bullied, assaulted within our lives that had certainly left a negative impact in our mind, heart and soul.  On the contrary besides harassment, bullying, humiliation, either in regard to public places, school, and high school or at the workplace, in recent time the social media bullying and harassment are taking a huge hype. Any issue can be modified in terms of bullying either its celebrities or general people. Making buzz over a genuine issue is right but without any basic evidence and truth harassing someone in the social platform which goes viral rapidly is absolutely wrong and unethical as it can ruin someone’s life and image at once. Power should be used wisely not widely to create content and make money out of it.

As a human, we are definitely aware of many physical and psychological incidents and abuse that happens around us but have we ever tried to figure out the main reasons behind it? I am sure we haven’t! We feel pity, guilty, sad when we encounter such incidents and we raise our voice stating about the rights, freedom, gender and what not. But does talking and raising voice against any crime and issues can only do justice to those who had actually been through and suffered from such incidents? Definitely not.

Many inhuman acts as seen around us its s sexual harassment, bullying, or say domestic violence or discrimination regarding caste, class, race, gender, disability, and what not. It is very important to understand that the problem is not in our laws, rights, and freedom or say how society sees and treats every one of us either it’s female or male. Whereas the problem is in our attitudes and behavior. We have been brought up in such a way since our childhood that has ruled our thought process accordingly. What I feel is the battle is between humanity and inhumanity. To eradicate such issue from the root we should at first change our mindset. The way how we look and analyze things matters the most and mainly every story has a second side story too so before jumping into any conclusion and creating a hype we need to go through the whole context and then only try to give our verdicts, opinions, views on that regard. Being judgmental in every context is not right. We should try to think broadly and act wisely in life.

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