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Published On: November 10, 2019 01:15 PM NPT By: Nirmal Kumar Sharma

Tharu museum awaits for exploration

Tharu museum awaits for exploration

Photo Courtesy: Nirmal Kumar Sharma

If you are interested to experience Tharu culture and lifestyle, then Tharu Cultural Museum at Chakhaura Dang can be the perfect destination for you.

Situated around 9 km south-west from Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city, the Tharu Cultural Museum reflects the identity and lifestyle of the Tharu community. It is located at Dangisaran-3 Chakhaura Dang, Nepal. Tharu cultural dress house, Tharu cultural show, Rana Tharu’s photos, jewellary, customs, old equipments and Tharu local food land are the unique features in the museum. Moreover, one can also view the surrounding scenario, culture, tradition and lifestyle, reflects everyday life experience of Tharu community depicting their identity .

The beautiful paintings on the wall as well as photographic documentation tell a lot about Tharu culture. The museum is built at the cost of Rs 6.5 million by the provincial government and 2.5 lakh by Dangisaran Urban Municipality. The organisation BASE has played a vital role in preservation and management of the museum. The park opens from 10 am to 5 pm. The flow of local tourist is around 300-400 in weekeneds and about 150 in weekdays according to Narendra Chaudhary, manager of Bulbule Tharu Food Land.

The King Dangisaran statue is situated at the entrance gate, who has ruled the Tharu community in the past. Currently, a total of 15 employees are engaged in museum, food land and construction sector. The museum has completed 35 percent of the work and has planned for gardening, boating and homestay in future. One can experience the authentic Tharu culture and typical Tharu local food in a peace environment.




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