Aaradhya Dahal

Published On: November 12, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Aaradhya Dahal

Thank you so much

Thank you so much

You taught me to smile all the time,

You granted myth of reel dragging to an end of crown,

You urged to memorize happy tears of hymn,

You pushed me into virtual decent of town

You gave a pause of quits on breath of peak,

You lightened bud of hell locking up coffins of fear,

You gifted me mask to glow up tears shining happy trick,

You lifted my rates of rushes on heart to hear,

You floated my soul on bottom of surface above yr eyes,

You kicked my back on sleeps of anomalous sights,

You cooperated with my blinks and lead it to rise,

You slinked along with my pupils while jumping from that height,

You rained that deep making me bow higher to the heaven,

You dropped an optical option blurry to my retina,

You rushed and rushed to fill my rainbow with seven,

You whispered in my skin swapping out my replica,

You shouted up the miracles upon the gazes I felt,

You trimmed out my lashes to kick out the hidden stones,

You gave me a lap to lay down my rudeness being held,

You stepped into my flights and fights of silent tones.



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