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Published On: July 30, 2018 09:03 AM NPT By: Ashish Pandey

Ten weeks in Thansing

Ten weeks in Thansing

Exploring new places and wishing to see smiles on people should be the top priority for anyone. As a volunteer, in a rural community of Thansing, Makwanpur, I had the same aim. 

I was provided with an opportunity to volunteer for Raleigh Nepal. What I learned from the project exceeded my expectations. I never expected my personal development to progress as much. Before the project, I was less confident and found it difficult to address the mass. Public speaking had always been a problem for me. But it’s different now; placing me in a new community and overcoming challenges has banished the fear  I used to carry.

I learned how to live and work with new faces. After I got to know them properly, it was easy for me to talk about the issues and projects which ultimately increased my self-confidence. Getting to know about the issues of the community and helping initiate actions to solve the problems was a regular task for me.  It was there that I learned to interact with people in an effective manner after gaining their trust. 

I got the opportunity to take a closer look at the national issues properly. One of the problems I saw was the problem of brain drain. Many youths of the community had left the country. Due to this problem, the community saw slower developmental progress.  

When I started working, I piloted a different session on climate change, livelihood diversification etc. With these projects, I found that my leadership skills had enhanced. Within the same session, I was able to enhance my listening skills too.

ICS (International Citizen Service) has been a life-changing experience. Moreover, I became aware of the climate change, and now I can take the actions from an individual level to encourage others to preserve their surrounding environment. 

I encourage everyone out there wondering what to do next in life to take the time to work in your nation along with your personal development.

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