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Published On: November 21, 2017 09:57 AM NPT By: Dipendra Thapa

Teenage: Adventure and Fantasy

Teenage: Adventure and Fantasy

Everything we do in our teenage, the golden time of our life, may be mischievous, innocent, wrong-deeds, dubious and unsound, but those are the adventures which lead us towards the path of maturity. We meet with many people, both temporary and permanent, make countless new friends, both easily and hardly, evolve with new theories: inconceivable and hypothesis, and develop understanding of this world, moral and immoral values.

While following the path towards maturity, every adventure in that period may fade away, but the memories remain. Amongst those wonderful memories, there would remain the fantasies that we used to bring in our mind: the dream that we used to bring at day time and come at night time.

I reckon that I lived most of my time in my fantasies during my teenage. I used to sit on the bench, but I was never on it figuratively. Most of the time, I used be with my girlfriend, but not on this earth; that was the only best place where even she didn’t know she was with me. Maybe because of the fantasies with no ceilings that we have in our teenage, we all believe that is the age to make impossible things possible. Those imaginations with her were like the favorite weekly serials I rarely missed. The imaginative adventures with my friends like those in superhero movies still come to my mind. Likewise, dating beautiful teachers was not a very hard job, you just needed to be in the drawing class; being a millionaire was not that tough, you just needed to be in the lecture room. Marrying a girl was not that troublesome, you just needed a situation: your parents rebuking you to read. Quite contrasting to the literal world that we live in, right?

My wife gave birth to the ninth child last week. We are yet to celebrate our eighth marriage anniversary, but we already have nine children. And no, she wasn’t pregnant before we were married.  I felt very proud and lucky when my wife gave birth to three sons at once in her first delivery. The same feeling pondered in my heart when my wife gave birth to two daughters in her second delivery. Five children were welcomed by me and my family as I was rich and children were the gifts of gods too. My wife gave birth to four more, one by one, during these five years of time.

The birth of the ninth child made me come out of this sophisticated imagination because I got too bored of a good life and the reality struck: the same unmarried and poor life that is my actual life.
I, in my late teenage, have been reminiscing about those days. The nostalgias are beautiful. I can only guess how much the other world where I lived will come to my mind in my thirties, forties, and so on. I hope they do, not going to lie. These just freshen up my mind when I’m having a hard time. Bring it on, twenties!

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