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Published On: April 29, 2019 12:00 PM NPT By: Punit Gautam

Teen’s pros and cons

Teen’s pros and cons


Teenage normally starts at13 and ends in 19.It is the transition period in everyone’s life and has a great significance in either leading the life to the path of success or to ruining it completely. It also depends upon one’s nature.

Along with physical, mental, emotional, and social changes takes place inevitably as it is the law of nature. Mostly, this age group’s children get attracted to the opposite sex, which they credit as love. As a matter of fact it is only infatuation which is love for them. We all have noticed the increasing rate of suicide of teenagers. What actually compels them to do so? Probably the so called love does. I have a big question to those who lost their life for the sake of love; have their parents given birth to them with the view to lose them in the name of love? What is their responsibility as the creative animal in this planet, human being?

Moreover, the company that they keep is the most deciding factor. They trust their peers more than parents and even themselves. They try to imitate what others do. They get easily influenced by the advertisements that they watch on TV channels and other social website. Many teenagers are engaged in smoking, drinking, weeds and drugs.

There are some requirements that must be fulfilled for their wellbeing. In this age, t\hey want to be free. They want to live stress free life. They wish to be the leader rather than the follower. They would like to be the lion who leads to all but not the sheep that follow. They have courage to do something for others so that can be regarded as good in everyone’s perspective. Everyone should be responsible for the fulfillment of their needs.

Teenagers are just like raw mud that should be shaped properly. They are the nation builders who can contribute for the welfare of the country. So parents and teachers should join hand in hand to solve the problems of teenagers. In spite of all those weaknesses they must cope up with these difficulties and accumulate the strength and patience to move forward. Those who can overcome these will obviously be the civilized citizen and who can’t get regretted in the long run. At last, I have suggestion to all teenagers to be prevented from all these dedicate every second with the aim to achieve goals which surely support to live successfully in the rest of the life. 


  Punit Gautam


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