Published On: January 26, 2019 06:33 PM NPT By: Krishna Kisi

Teaching the art of self-defense

Teaching the art of self-defense

A medical doctor at Kathmandu Hospital was sexually molested by his own uncle. She defended herself from being raped. This idea of being one’s own savior was what motivated Padma Khayargoli to continue her journey as a self-defense trainer.

This is only one of the instances. There are many successful stories of women fighting for themselves which further motivates me to keep continuing my work.

Working as Vice-president at Bhaktapur Self-defense Marshall Organization, she informs providing self defense training in many districts across the country collaborating with Lion’s club and Red Cross Society. “We have aimed to regulate such training programs in 77 districts of the country,” says Khayargoli. “The demand for such training is gaining space in educational institutions, cooperatives, banks and social organizations,” adds she.

She further elaborates on how self defense trainings have helped women to combat such physical and sexual harassments. “With many cases of rape and sexual abuses rising in higher extent, such trainings have become a necessity in order for women to live a safe and secured life,” she affirms.

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