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Published On: December 19, 2017 09:38 AM NPT By: ADISH KARKI

System Vs student: Who’s the problem?

System Vs student: Who’s the problem?

Problems are vital units of life. Life and problem are inter-related; life is possible because of problems. And it’s the crucial job of humans to get a solution for those problems. What if something vital has problematic backlashes? We address the problem, find the solution but can’t apply it. And we just remain in forlorn and degrade ourselves. Gradually, we end up losing all our confidence and feel useless. 

We, as secondary level students, are forced to study those subjects we don’t want to study. If one has interest in artworks and is forced to study science, what happens? He/she can’t give full interest in artworks as a result because of the diversion and he/she will be nowhere as a consequence. Same is the case with my friends; they have interest in sectors not affiliated with mainstream studies of science and math. Education should be connected with passion and interest. Why to puzzle one’s life by supplying those things they want to get rid of or have no use of? 

One may find me ridiculous with this article but truth doesn’t always come in tastes we prefer. There is huge difference in grades between the so-called toppers and the rest. We only have millions of examples among us. What would happen if Eminem, one of the most popular hip-hop artists of all time, focused on his studies that he never liked? Eminem is a ninth grade drop-out, that didn’t get in his way in being a hindrance in winning 15 Grammy Awards. 

We could have many Eminems among us, but we’re sustaining in such an environment where only grades are given priority. We might know the solution for this problem, but aren’t applying it or more like we aren’t trying to apply it. Whom to blame for this problem? We would say government, but what is happening now? Are we doing what needs to be done from the personal level? Elders are just blaming ‘failing’ students claiming they don’t study. So, where does the problem lie? It’s upon us to kick out the real problematic agent. 

Adish is a Grade X student at Satya Sai Shiksha Sadan in Tokha, Kathmandu. 

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