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Published On: June 23, 2018 07:37 AM NPT By: Sabina Thapa

Struggling passenger

Struggling passenger

Standing on the road
With the fingers crossed, praying for a ride to be in a safety mode
And here arrives Microbus in a bravo motion,
Me in the attentive position gazing 
whether I can lay myself in a tranquil position.
But like said, fortune always don’t favor
Let’s unite with the huddle being your own lifesaver.
Oh gosh!!  It’s tough to find out Am I normal or whole crippled
The passengers are tucked in one after another creating more riddle.
The next day, with the same belief
Pleading the Lord for a secure relief
This time the destiny did favor me
I was like a free bird with an utmost glee.
Each day ready to cope as a strong challenger
Hoping the trip to be in a peaceful manner
A thought in a solely atmosphere,
I am still a struggling passenger…

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