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Published On: July 17, 2018 11:00 AM NPT By: ADISH KARKI

Story of my pencil

Story of my pencil

A day before I bought a new ‘Kites’ pencil.
It choked to me ‘I can thoroughly breathe still.’
Shocked and gobsmacked; I kept my sharpener aside.
And my pencil narrated its story with tears’ tide - 

“I was tiny branch before.
So weak, so blind but had everyone to adore.
Suddenly one day I felt an instant pain.
In forlorn I cried with nothing to gain.

Someone had detached me from my family.
Blind, my eyes were but I felt my crease in different tally.

Soon I felt my weaker crease going off.
A machine had gulped me, to escape was very tough.
A spell passed and I was pulled out with same hand.
Same as that which had detached me from my band.

Around me I felt brightness and lights.
A new look I got with cemented on me ‘Kites’.

Something unfamiliar caught me and kept in a group.
12 we were and got supplied to a retailer as a weak troop.
Consequently Giants (humans) approached demolished every one of my dudes.
Finally you came and bought me confined with different goods.”

As I finished hearing I started regretting about our deeds.
We exterminate trees to accomplish our egoistic needs.
And here is my caution; please do accept -
Amparar trees or in future nothing is going to be left.

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