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Published On: June 16, 2019 08:05 AM NPT By: Dipendra Thapa

Stormy night

Stormy night


The whistling wind,

Breaking the deafening silence

Of night,

Invaded into my house

Through the eaves hole

All of a sudden, I awoke

Yawning long, I kept my eyes wide open


Tin sheets were being pushed hard

And the rafter was imminent to bare

I felt the tension on iron nail—

Nail that was stitching

The tin sheets and rafter together

I kept breathing short and relatively quickly

Blowing smoky mist on the wind,

I scanned all the nails

Whistling again from far,

The violent storm was approaching near

It collided devastatingly

On the wall

And opened the door

And carried away,

Plucking out the iron nails,

Both tin sheets and my heartbeat

With it

And left the rafters all alone….




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