December 31, 2018

Stimulating taste bud with authenticity

Stimulating taste bud with authenticity

After a brief walk from old Baneshwor, there is a small, cozy, and a perfectly decorated restaurant named ‘Michael Grills’. The eatery serves authentic Nepali cuisines among visitors. The restaurant was established on April, 2018. Only within a few months of its establishment, the restaurant has already created a buzz amongst youngsters. Though the restaurant is small, it is a paradise for food lovers as it serves a range of Nepali cuisines. Some of them are described below:

Phul maya aalu

Specially served as the side dish for hard drinks, Phul maya aalu is the signature dish of Michael Grills. It is a blend of mashed potato and finely chopped herbs like spring onion, coriander and chilli. The dish is quite similar to local dish ‘Chokha’, but secret spices are the major difference. With each bite, you can taste the perfectly blend of all ingredients of the dish. Moreover, the dish is served in a Tapari, evoking a homely feeling among the visitors.


Sekuwa is most preferred dish by Nepali appetite. This is the signature dish of the restaurant. Unlike normal restaurant, Michal Grills prepares Sekuwa by marinating the meat over night before grilling it. The platter of Sekuwa is a balanced cuisine, comprising swollen rice, fermented radish pickle, tomato puree and dal-moth. Regular shaped grilled meats are crispy from outside and juicy inside. Every piece of the meat gives a crisp taste of the deep marination. The dish has a perfect taste. Extra spices are added as per the requirement.

Jhol momo

Jhol Momo is the perfect way to thaw frozen bones in this winter blues. But momo served in Michal Grills do not just help to fight the chilling winter, it equally stimulates your taste buds as well. Served with thick broth, momo in this restaurant is prepared using home-made ingredients and is perfect for Momo lovers. Resplendently presented middle sized momo will definitely tickle the tongue of any food lover.


How to get there: After walking few meters form old Baneshwor there is a small alley next to Apex College. The restaurant lies few meters inside to the right.

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