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Published On: March 29, 2018 10:09 AM NPT By: Ichchhya Khadgi

State of teenagers

State of teenagers

Ichchhya Khadgi

Depression, anxiety and emotional instability are the common problems faced by every teenager. It will be a lie if I say I do not suffer from these problems. Anyone who states they do not suffer from these factors are either lying or are dead.

Suicide and self harm are often the results of these problems. Many teenagers have committed suicide, cut their body parts, starved themselves or abandoned their homes. There might be various causes which lead to these problems. Pressure for studies from family, teachers and relatives are one of the basic causes.  Falling in love and breaking up is another major factor deteriorating teenagers’ lives.  To prove how much they love the other, teenagers tend to harm themselves by cutting their hands and putting up disturbing posts in the social media. Instant bullying from peers about physical size and appearance has compelled thousands of teenagers to go through intense dieting where sometimes they just eat a spoon of rice per day. Some even go to the extent of doing plastic surgery, ditching their own identity and living a new life. These physical and mental insecurities have forced the growing child to an adult having suicidal thoughts.

If this situation continues, a country’s future could be imperiled. Parents, teachers, relatives and peers need to be more sensitized of the situation. Parents need to guide their children toward a bright future in such a manner that their teenage urges are also managed. Teachers should consider the individual potentiality of every student and promote positive encouragement. Relatives should realize that their constant interfering in others’ businesses can spoil their whole life.  Friends should realize that every person is different and we should not judge a person by their physical looks and should respect their personality.

Moreover self realization by the teens themselves is an essence. If things go too rough it would be better to consult a psychological counselor as well. Teenagers face various physical, emotional and social insecurities due to which they might take a wrong decision which can cost them their lives.  Summing up, all teenagers need to be made aware that life is a struggle. In order to make this struggle a success, we should never quit.

Khadgi is studying in grade XII at Prime International School, Khusibu.

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