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Stars and their pets

Stars and their pets

Even if you are not an avid pet lover, it certainly feels wonderful to spend some time with a fluffy and furry creature if you are in distress. Moreover, it is also amazing to see your favorite celebrity with their adorable pets.

According to, socialite Paris Hilton has 35 pets, including seven dogs, three cats, six ferrets, a pig and a pony. Miley Cyrus has six dogs namely Moonie, Ziggy, Happy, Mary Jane, Penny Lane, and Beanm while her dog Floyd died in 2014.

Similarly, many Nepali celebrities have pets whom they consider as their best buddies. Aditya Neupane of My City asked a few celebrities about their pets as well as the emotions they have for the little ones.

Jyotsana Yogi

 I have three dogs, while two of them named Bhuntu and Fuchu are mixed breeds. I adopted the two from the streets. My Cocker Spaniel named Sani was gifted by my mother. My dogs are an inevitable part of my family and that is why I have given them typical Nepali names. I don’t have any favorite among them and I love them all equally, but as Sani is the smallest member of our family all of us pamper her.

I love pets, especially dogs. Hence I try to be the voice of the voiceless by posting photographs of stray pups and dogs on social media so that interested people can find them and adopt them. About 70 percent of dogs around the world get their new homes through similar process. I feel bad when people shoo away street dogs and discard them just because they are dirty. Even stray dogs can become healthy if they are provided with home, medical care and love. I believe my pets are the source of positive energy for me as they are too friendly and clean-hearted. I don’t resent people who buy expensive international breeds of dogs, but I personally believe in the saying ‘adopt, don’t shop’. I suggest people to adopt stray pups rather than buying expensive international breeds.

Alisha Rai

 I have one dog named Udo and one tortoise. Udo belongs to the Rottweiler breed and he is just six months old. The puppy was gifted by my father. Though he is friendly with family members, he doesn’t get along with strangers. So, it gets quite challenging to handle him during outdoor events and other family functions. Though he is a bit aggressive, Udo is disciplined as well. He never litters the house and guards my family. I don’t think breeds matter if you are adopting a dog, so it is better that you adopt one from the streets.

Deepak Raj Giri

 Though I am not a huge pet lover, I have two dogs. One of them named Sweetie is a mixed breed. I adopted Sweetie from the streets. My four-year-old Japanese Spitz named Sanskar was gifted to my wife by my in-laws. We gave Sweetie the name because of her calm and gentle nature whereas Sanskar is disciplined and hence the name. Both my dogs have different characters like Sanskar is quite aggressive so it is quite hard to handle him when there are guests in the house and sweetie is jealous in nature so she doesn’t like people loving Sanskar. She also doesn’t follow a proper bathroom routine and sometimes poops inside the house compound. I don’t like dogs, but I hate people who bother stray dogs and cats. I think instead of spending lots of money on international breeds and their medicines, it’s better to adopt stray dog and take care of them.

Pooja Sharma

 I have one Cocker Spaniel named Romeo. He is one and half years old and a friendly dog, so I love him a lot. Romeo is like my friend and I share everything with him as I can trust that he won’t divulge my secret to anyone else. My Romeo is disciplined as he never poops inside the home, and never barks at family members. He has one bad habit though. He is too stubborn. I don’t like it when people adopt dogs only to later discard them when they get old age. Different people may have different perceptions and I respect them all, but I personally think it is better to adopt stray dogs than to buy expensive dogs. 

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