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Published On: October 30, 2018 09:23 AM NPT By: Amrit Poudel

Spectrum of life

Spectrum of life

Petals – they are full of color.
Juices - bees alone cannot empty.
Blossoms – aroma spreads across.
Teases the dusty concrete city.
Inviting – yet not that masculine.
Thrones not yet spiky to pierce.
Nor smell would have sufficed.
The fruit would have been sour.
But those hands as weak as calyx.

Those legs as feeble as the stem.
Wasps – they powerful.
Strangles – petals they fall.
Calyx – they defeated.
Stem – they threshed.
Juices – they dripped.
Dregs left behind.
Pedicle –a pendulum.
If touched will give up.
If not, will die of wounds.
If cared, might even grow up.


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