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Published On: August 16, 2018 08:48 AM NPT By: US ADHIKARI

Space hopping

Space hopping

I was ten when I was introduced to ‘Star Trek’. It was about searching for a new existence via space exploration. That very movie inspired me to imagine the astonishing possibilities of traveling from one star to another. Every time I gaze up in the sky, on a starry night, I let my imagination loose as it tours the interstellar. Everything we see, around us and beyond our sight, is the result of an explosion that is believed to have happened 13.8 billion years ago. We, ourselves, are made up of the remnants of the big bang explosion. So, to truly understand our true identity, one must explore to the furthest extent of the cosmos. Until then, it would only be foolish to speculate our existence. 

We evolved from primates that swung from trees to intelligent beings that left their mark on the moon. We invented the tools, and the tools simulated our actions. Many innovations occurred that changed the course of humanity. 

The brain is our most valuable assets. We should always be exploring the depths of the human brain in search of never-ending queries. As humans, we are meant to learn and grow using the brain. We are here for a reason, and every single human is destined to do something.

But seeing humans circling an endless loop of conflicts is disheartening. Despite having boundless thought and potentialities, humans are dubious. On the contrary, humanity has also achieved an array of marvelous fetes. However, there is a lot in the space out for grabs. We are distracted from the path which we were destined for by engaging in debates and confusion in a society divided by color, religion, and geographical borders.

I have a dream to see humanity colonizing the distinct galaxies, exploring in between those starts, searching for a new form of life and traveling at the speed of the light. I am convinced that this dream of mine will one day come true because what man can imagine, a man can do.


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