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Spa Healing through the art of touching

Healing through the art of touching

The act of touching has been a significant stimulus to express various emotions and an effective means of communication since the beginning of human life. Over centuries in human civilization, we have helped this act to evolve in different forms.

The art and practice of healing through spa and massage therapy existed back in the ancient periods. Notable advancements have been made in the modality of spa therapy over the centuries. 

Derived from the Latin phrase ‘Salus per Aquae’ meaning ‘health through water’, spas offer an array of revitalizing services that help gain a healthy life. While the practice of spa might often be connected to the idea of enhancing beauty, it is more of a treatment method that is deeply associated with the science of human body and mind. Spa and massage therapies help release the happiness boosting hormones called endorphins and detoxify the body from lactic acid which ultimately results in curing physical and psychological ailments such as chronic fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia, hypertension, muscular spasm, and help improve blood circulation. 

Amid an increasing trend of massage therapy in many different countries around the world, spas have lately been gaining popularity among in Nepal as well. Nepal's spa centers have been providing a range of services including Shiatsu massage adopted from Japan, Thai Dry massage adopted from Thailand and many other methods adopted from Europe. However, Ayurvedic and natural methods of spa have been highly preferred. 

“We have been specializing in Ayurvedic and natural therapy since our inception in 2011. We offer spa and yoga therapies to clients as per their choice to have services from both male and female therapist. A majority of our clients are patients who come for acupuncture and physiotherapy sessions,” said Roshan Tulami, executive director and natural therapist at Ananda Spa and Natural Therapy, Thamel. 

“While natural therapy is simply a method of treatment, people take spa and massage as a recreational activity. They are not much convinced that these therapies will help them rid of different illnesses,” he added. 

In modern times, people are habituated to a busy and sedentary lifestyle that makes them vulnerable to diseases. Without a proper balanced diet and regular exercise, we are much prone to developing many diseases. 

“As the Shirodhara massage provides much relief to migraine and sinus patients, it is highly preferred by a majority of our clients who come from a working background or are patients of neurological pain”, said Nabin Shrestha, managing director of Nepalaya Spa, Jyatha. “Adulterated food has been deteriorating our health. Massage and different natural therapies help fight health hazards and enhance physical and psychological well being,” he added.

Spa therapy centers in Nepal have been mushrooming and have providing services to their clients with increased numbers of amenities. There are also some spa centers that provide services to the pregnant women and kids. “Since pregnant women go through all forms of physical and psychological discomforts, we have been running an especial spa therapy for those groups. A group of trained and skilled therapists firstly learn about the clients' pregnancy status and then serve them as required”, said Ruma Shakya, marketing director of Chaitanya Medi Spa, Bakundole.

"Although there exist some spa centers that are not so good, we have been working to form an association in collaboration with the Government of Nepal in order to promote this business here," added Shrestha.

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