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Published On: April 5, 2018 08:57 AM NPT By: Shahin Sunuwar Rasaili

Souls of my city: Harmony and support

Souls of my city: Harmony and support

“We live in a community. No matter how rich or poor, whatever caste and whichever religion, we must live in harmony and help each other in need,” said Sangita Khadgi, a 33-year-old shopkeeper at Bhotebahal, Kathmandu. 

“Recently when locals protested against road expansion in Kathmandu, water cannons were fired against them. That was not a right act from the government. Population keeps rising in the Valley. That does not mean that you start destroying the homes of people living here for centuries. There are small roads in developing countries as well, but they do not destroy the culture and demolish the houses in the name of expansion. We should be supporting people, not troubling them,” Sangita added.  


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