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August 9, 2018

Souls of My City: Blessing the devotees

Souls of My City: Blessing the devotees

Devaki Adhikari was gobbling up a plate of chowmein in a local cafeteria in an alley that led to Pashupatinath. It was already four in the evening, but she had not had breakfast yet. 

Adhikari is a regular at the Pashupatinath temple. In addition to being a devotee of Lord Shiva, she also blesses other devotees from her roadside stall by putting a tika on their forehead. In return, the devotees repay her with a small sum of money.

She explained that her husband Ramprasad – who she lives with -- was ill, and she needed the money to support her ailing spouse. She stated, “My daughter comes to help us.

However, our son is not financially sound. I've also worked as a domestic maid in the priest’s residence for more than 16 years. Now, I am engaged in blessing other devotees for good health, and prosperity.”

Devaki is originally from Nuwakot but has been living in Gaurighat. 


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